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Trailhead Credit Union

See how FSI brings innovation to the rebranding of Trailhead Credit Union.

GROWTH OBJECTIVE: Trailhead Credit Union, a small northwestern credit union, embarked on a journey of brand redefinition. Not only did the credit union undergo extensive rebranding, but they reinvented their culture to attract more of their core market. They envisioned an identity that is less corporate and more casual than what you see at typical financial institutions. With that in mind, the credit union was thrilled to open a branch located in Portland’s vibrant Chateau Mississippi retail center that reflects the style and energy prevalent amongst the popular urban neighborhood.

FSI SOLUTION: The Chateau Mississippi storefront branch is designed with a casual atmosphere similar to a trendy coffee bar. The full-service branch incorporates reclaimed wood accents from the neighborhood Rebuilding Center, a community calendar listing current neighborhood events, sliding barn doors, as well as a roll-up garage door to open on nice days.

Innovative Features

  1. Reclaimed Wood Accents: Sections of reclaimed wood add character and warmth to the space with very little expense.
  2. Oversized Chalkboard Calendar: Giving a more personal feel than typical commercial signs, the chalkboard is a visual reminder of the community-oriented culture the credit union hopes to convey.
  3. Sliding Barn Doors: Aesthetic and functional, the barn doors provide necessary privacy for the offices yet serve as a focal point and compliment the reclaimed wood accents.
  4. Roll-Up Garage Door: The roll-up garage door is a unique choice allowing for a more generous and inviting entrance when open, yet offering substantial lighting when closed.

A closer look at Trailhead Credit Union

Reclaimed Wood Accents

Oversized Chalkboard Calendar

Sliding Barn Doors

Roll-Up Garage Door

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