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Bank of the Urban League

See how FSI brings innovation to On-Site branching to provide the perfect solution for Bank of the Urban League of the Central Carolinas!

GROWTH OBJECTIVE: North Carolina institutions, Carolina Premier Bank and Urban League of Central Carolinas, teamed up to offer financial services to those who have historically been underserved by the banking industry and developed a plan for an onsite branch inside the Urban League’s downtown Charlotte facility. Current leadership was looking for an out-of-the-box provider to create a unique facility in a unique location. The project required a company familiar with working in an “open for business” location, and FSI was well suited for that. The mandate for this Urban League branch was to provide a unique and groundbreaking banking experience to engage the students, faculty and visitors at the moment they walk through the doors.

FSI SOLUTION: Accepting the challenge, FSI submitted a proposal that included all the traditional elements you see in a typical branch, delivered in a fun, inviting and whimsical space, and compelling to use. It was specifically designed to capture the imagination of the Urban League students who are familiar with the internet, cell phones, and play stations while creating a comfortable, welcoming environment to improve their financial literacy. The finished product became a combination of literal and interpretive design elements meant to simulate and stimulate.

With fun, easy to use touch points, everyone is welcome to open an account, learn to manage their money, save for the future, apply for a mortgage or relax at the Urban League branch. The branch has exceeded their goals and expectations. Future plans include opening additional locations across the US.

Innovative Features

  1. Simulated Water Feature: The use of sophisticated LED lights create artificial moving water along the textured wave panels.
  2. Floor-to-Ceiling Wall Graphics: Realistic graphics from floor-to-ceiling are an inviting choice alluding to a more open space.
  3. Textured Pebble Walls: A curved wall offers a dramatic backdrop using the textured pebble wall covering.
  4. Custom Carved Benches: Prepared exclusively for the unique design, the solid wood benches were hand-carved and offer sturdy, rustic seating for patrons of the branch.
  5. Life-like Tree Trunks and Birch Accents: Whimsical furniture brings the warmth of nature indoors and offers fully-functional accents as tables.

A closer look at Bank of the Urban League

Simulated Water Feature

Textured Pebble Walls

Custom Carved Benches

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