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FSI’s dedicated consulting & training team equips financial institutions to thrive in retail enviornments. In the ever-evolving retail branch environments, there are tremendous opportunities and challenges for establishing new customer/member relationships and distinguishing oneself amid a plethora of financial offerings.

FSI’s industry-leading Consulting & Training Program empowers your team to comprehend and capitalize on the unique competitive landscape they navigate. Entering into a consulting agreement brings you into the FSI family. As a valued member, we diligently work to guide you toward meeting and exceeding your retail banking goals. Our comprehensive services encompass on-site consulting, classroom training, and corporate speaking opportunities.

Also, key training sessions, such as Executive Planning and Retail Sales Training, are meticulously designed to prepare future retail bankers. These sessions equip your institution’s executive management team and retail branch staff to navigate a myriad of distinctive marketing and sales opportunities. Our commitment extends beyond initial training, providing tailored, in-person sessions annually to keep your team focused on core objectives.

Virtual Training Resources Take Your Team Further

In addition to on-site resources, we offer a wealth of virtual tools, including newsletters, podcasts, marketing calendars, and exclusive online consultants. Annually, we host a national in-store banking conference, fostering networking and knowledge-sharing opportunities. Our resources are designed to assist you in developing a robust foundation for growing your financial institution. In our dynamic industry, filled with opportunities for personal and professional growth, rest assured, we are here to illuminate the complexities of retail banking.

At FSI, we recognize the uniqueness of every financial institution. Hence, our dedicated team specializes in creating customized training solutions, ensuring your staff not only meets but exceeds customer/member expectations, fostering loyalty along the way.

Rooted in the FSI philosophy of “Make a Friend, Make a Customer®” and “Make a Friend, Make a Member®,” our approach centers around relationship building and a precise strategy for winning over potential clients. Join us on the journey to not only meet but exceed your institution’s goals in the ever-changing financial landscape. Want to learn more about our Consulting & Training Program for your retail branch team? Contact Us.

Your Virtual Training Assistant – The Smart Cart™

Dive into a world of innovation and knowledge with The Smart Cart™, FSI’s cutting-edge virtual training assistant. More than just a website, it’s a member-exclusive platform brimming with self-guided course material, business development resources, retail partner insights, and an extensive library of FSI publications and resources.

What The Smart Cart™ Offers:

  • Self-Guided Courses: Empower your team with comprehensive self-guided courses designed to enhance skills and deepen industry knowledge.
  • Business Development Resources: Stay ahead in the dynamic financial landscape with a wealth of resources tailored for effective business development.
  • Retail Partner Insights: Gain valuable perspectives from retail partners, providing a unique understanding of market dynamics and trends.
  • Complete Library: Access a rich repository of publications and resources to stay informed and inspired.

When you’re seeking creative and innovative ways to connect with your target audience and foster new customer/member growth, The Smart Cart™ is your ultimate resource.

Additional Training Resources for Clients:

  • Quarterly Branch Insights Series: Quarterly 30-minute Zoom sessions tailored for those actively involved in the in-store branches to equip them with valuable insights that enhance skills and contribute to overall branch success.
  • The Advantage – FSI’s Bi-Monthly E-newsletter: Stay in the loop with industry insights, updates, and exclusive content delivered directly to your inbox.
  • Promotions Calendar – Quarterly: Plan your marketing strategies with precision using our carefully curated promotions calendar.
  • The Advantage Podcast – Monthly: Tune in to our monthly podcast for expert interviews, discussions, and insider perspectives on the retail banking industry.
  • Complimentary Registration to FSI’s National Retail Banking Conference: Immerse yourself in the latest trends, network with industry leaders, and glean insights at our prestigious annual conference.

In conclusion, FSI goes beyond traditional training methods, providing a virtual ecosystem that propels your team toward success. Elevate your approach, embrace innovation, and unlock unparalleled growth opportunities with The Smart Cart™ and our exclusive suite of virtual training resources. Welcome to the future of banking education.

Your success is our success!

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Hear What Our Clients Have to Say!

Working with FSI has been an absolute home run! Transitioning to an in-store branch for the first time was seamless and easy, thanks to their expertise. FSI not only demonstrated professionalism but also ensured that everything was scheduled and completed on time. Judy Moreland and FSI’s training staff consistently checked in for feedback and even made several in-person visits to guarantee that our staff received proper training for in-store styled member service. This level of dedication helped us (IECU) trust the FSI process and instilled confidence in the success of our in-store branch.

Initially uncertain, our in-store branch has now become one of our most successful operating branches. FSI’s staff genuinely care and go above and beyond to ensure the success of in-store branches. Their impressive track record speaks volumes, and we are confident that partnering with FSI was the right decision, 100%.

Colin Runion – Business Development Manager
Illinois Educators Credit Union
Springfield, Illinois

My journey with FSI began 17 years ago, and from that moment onward, I have felt like a part of the FSI family.

Last year, I had the distinct honor of being invited to speak at the 2023 conference. Words cannot adequately express how privileged I felt. FSI, to me, is an organization with the biggest heart. Every individual I have had the pleasure of working with has treated me with exceptional kindness. It’s truly remarkable how FSI manages to bring together such an outstanding team of individuals with exceptional skills and a dedication that goes above and beyond.

If you’ve never attended one of FSI’s conferences, you are genuinely missing out. They are meticulously planned, thought-provoking, and inspiring. The quality of the material and the caliber of the speakers are first-class. I’ve incorporated lessons learned from FSI into both my professional and personal life, and it has been well worth the investment of time.

The friendships I have forged with FSI and other financial institutions are invaluable and enduring. I extend my sincere thanks to everyone at FSI for providing us with such an excellent platform to gather, learn, and share with each other. Happy anniversary, dear friends, and here’s to another 40 years of success!

Sheila Fajardo, Branch Manager
Cyprus Federal Credit Union
West Jordan, Utah

In June 2024 I will be celebrating my ten year anniversary with Tucson Federal Credit Union, all of which have been served at our in-store branch supported by FSI.  I have had the opportunity to work with Jane [now retired] and Judy over the years, who have both provided great insight on outreach opportunities within our store and local community.  They have also provided training to our entire front-line staff and management, inspiring us to level-up our performance by listening to members for opportunities in which we can aid them in meeting their financial needs/goals.  I always walk away feeling challenged and with new information I can use day-to-day.

Carly Lilley, Retail Branch Supervisor
Tucson Federal Credit Union
Sahuarita, Arizona

I really appreciate the support of FSI. The training they give motivates our team and gives us vision for the future of our in-store branch!

Anita Moore, Branch Manager
L&N Federal Credit Union
Williamsburg, Kentucky

The workshop you conducted with our employees was truly enlightening and inspiring. Your expertise in creating exceptional member experiences has been invaluable to our team, and we hope to further implement the strategies and insights you shared with us. The knowledge and skills our employees gained from the workshop will contribute to our continued success in serving our members.

Thank you as well for the branch consultations you conducted at our three Walmart branches. Your attention to detail and commitment to understanding our unique needs and challenges provided further value. We appreciate the comprehensive summaries you have prepared, which will serve as a valuable resource for us moving forward.

Once again, Judy, thank you for your outstanding work, training, and care. Your contributions have made a significant difference here at Cyprus, and we are privileged to have you as a partner. We look forward to future endeavors together and the continued growth and success of our collaboration.

Buddy Bennett, Chief Operating Officer
Cyprus Federal Credit Union
West Jordon, UT

Our Consulting Package Takes You Further.

FSI is at the forefront of the retail banking industry, consistently communicating to our clients the latest developments in both industries. Throughout the term, FSI will send pertinent articles, industry studies, and technology news.

Future Retail Site Selection

We are committed to helping you continue to grow your retail branch network and leverage the retail relationship and preferred status of an existing tenant. Members are the first to learn about new opportunities as retailers continuously bring forth new stores for FSI to market.

Demographics and Market Competition Analysis

Our industry partnerships include expert data mining companies which enable us to provide real-time demographics, mapping and competition reports for your executive team. Site Evaluations are also available to help you evaluate future locations. FSI members are also afforded first right of refusal on branch expansion opportunities that arise within the market(s) they serve.

It’s just another way we put our clients first!

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