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Racial Equality

Racial Equality

We each have the right to live, work, study, and worship in a society where we feel we belong and can be our best, authentic selves. Financial Supermarkets, Inc. stands with our employees, clients, neighbors, and community in building an inclusive, equitable, and just world. With ongoing, unwavering attention, we commit to effecting true and positive change to create a united community.

Employees: Our corporate culture is a welcoming and joyful family environment supporting one another to thrive. Organizations with rich, inclusive cultures are welcoming and joyful, and are places where employees thrive, find a sense of belonging, and support to grow to each employee’s fullest potential. We address social and racial inequity through trainings and programs, actively listening to a wide range of voices, perspectives, and experiences, and working to hire the top talent who embraces our corporate culture.

Clients: We recognize our unique role in providing innovative environments for banks, credit unions, and savings & loans that create economic empowerment and mobility for all people as well as helping our clients locate opportunities in underserved communities. Engaging our customers across our geography and from every walk of life, helps continue to create thriving and prosperous communities.

We stand for racial and social equity. We are BETTER and STRONGER TOGETHER.

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